URL Format Representational State Transfer (REST) Web Service


V3X2 (Major Version 3, Minor Version 2)


Use the URL and query string parameters described below to track a shipment from your desktop.

URL format (REST/URLweb service)


Request structure

Parameter Value Description
searchBy String (required) Search by can be PRO, PO or BOL
number String (required) Number identifying the shipment
postalCode String (required if searchBy is PO or BOL) Postal Code associated with the shipment.

Response structure

Parameter Value Description
STATUS:CODE Integer Status code of the response. Valid values are:
0: Success1: Error
STATUS:ERROR_TYPE String Error type returned if applicable. Valid values are:
AUTHENTICATION_ERROR: Invalid hollandregional.com credentials were supplied
INPUT_ERROR: Error in input parameters
PROCESSING_ERROR: Internal processing error. Please retry or contact hollandregional.com Support
NOT_FOUND_ERROR: Requested information not found
NOT_ALL_FOUND_ERROR: Some requested information not found
STATUS:VIEW String Response View. Valid values are:
PUBLIC: Unsecured view.
Returned when service is invoked with no credentials or when business rules prevent access to secured information.
SECURED: Secured View. Complete information including secured data.
ERROR: Error View.
STATUS:MESSAGE String Error message (if applicable)
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT String Version of service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:CURRENT_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST String Latest available version of this service. Format is V[Major version number]X[Minor version number]
STATUS:VERSION:LATEST_RELEASE_DATE Date Release date of latest available service. Format is MM/DD/YYYY
PONUMBER String PO Number
CURRENTSTATUS String Current Status
SHIPPER:ADDRESS2 String Shipper Address Line 2
SHIPPER:ADDRESS3 String Shipper Address Line 3
CONSIGNEE:ADDRESS2 String Consignee Address Line 2
CONSIGNEE:ADDRESS3 String Consignee Address Line 3
THIRDPARTY:ADDRESS2 String Third-Party Address Line 2
THIRDPARTY:ADDRESS3 String Third-Party Address Line 3
ORIGIN:NAME String Origin Service Center Name
ORIGIN:CARRIER String Origin Service Center Company
ORIGIN:ADDRESS String Origin Service Center Address
ORIGIN:CITY String Origin Service Center City
ORIGIN:STATE String Origin Service Center State
ORIGIN:ZIP String Origin Service Center ZIP
ORIGIN:PHONE String Origin Service Center Contact Phone
ORIGIN:PHONE_TOLLFREE String Origin Service Center Toll-Free Phone
ORIGIN:FAX String Origin Service Center Fax Number
DESTINATION:NAME String Destination Service Center Name
DESTINATION:CARRIER String Destination Service Center Carrier Company
DESTINATION:ADDRESS String Destination Service Center Address
DESTINATION:CITY String Destination Service Center City
DESTINATION:STATE String Destination Service Center State
DESTINATION:ZIP String Destination Service Center ZIP
DESTINATION:PHONE String Destination Service Center Contact Phone
DESTINATION:PHONE_TOLLFREE String Destination Service Center Toll-Free Phone
DESTINATION:FAX String Destination Service Center Fax Number
SERVICETYPE String Service type. Valid values are:INTERLINE: Interline service

GUARANTEED_NOON: Guaranteed by noon

GUARANTEED_9AM: Guaranteed by 9 a.m.

GUARANTEED_330PM: Guaranteed by 3:30 p.m.

REGIONAL_DELIVERY: Regional Delivery service

INTERREGIONAL_DELIVERY: Inter-Regional Delivery service

EXPEDITED_DELIVERY: Expedited service

EXPEDITED_DELIVERY_5PM: Expedited service delivery by 5 p.m.

EXPEDITED_DELIVERY_12PM: Expedited service delivery by noon

SHIPMENT_ITEM:PIECES String Line item pieces
SIGNATURE String Signer
SERVICEEXCEPTIONS String Service exceptions if any
APPOINTMENT:NAME String Appointment for
APPOINTMENT:TIME String Appointment time in 24 HRS CST
NOTIFICATION String Notification if any
TERMS String Payment terms. Valid values are:PREPAID: Pre-paid

COLLECT: Collect

3RDPARTY: 3rd Party