Our Tools, Available on Your Websites

When people visit your website, you want to keep them there. Holland APIs give your employees and customers all the shipping information they need without ever leaving your sites.

By the least complex definition, APIs are online middlemen. They allow your site to communicate with our products and services. They do this by retrieving detailed information about your LTL shipping business with Holland. You’ll need to provide your username and password to access the Rate Quote and/or Invoicing APIs and the Pickup and Bill of Lading APIs.

All Holland APIs can be incorporated by your in-house developers or consultants.

Holland APIs:

Tracking API

Use this API to request basic tracking information for specific shipments. The API tracks by freight bill or reference number. Responses with be sent in HTML or XML (whichever you request)

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Rate Quote API

Use this API to request rate quotes for Rate Quote (customer specific rates) and Spot Volume (SPOT).

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Pickup API

Use this Pickup API to create and submit a pickup. Your system sends the Pickup information which integrates into Holland’s billing system. We respond with a pickup number.

The API will utilize the same pickup application found on hollandregional.com and requires the user to be registered with hollandregional.com. The user name and password is required to be sent in the request.

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Transit time and Terminal Locations API

Use this API to request transit times and terminal information. Your system sends a U.S. ZIP/Canada postal code or city, state/province to Holland. We respond with information for the transit time and terminal that serves the area closest to you.

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Document API

Use this API to request images of Bills of Lading and  Proofs of Delivery.

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