Guaranteed LTL Services: When to Use Them and What to Look for in a Carrier

There are few guarantees in life, much less supply chains; however, the nearly 100% on-time delivery rates of today’s guaranteed LTL services are the exception to the rule. This is a good thing considering these are “lean” times for companies looking for ways to deal with pressure coming at them from all sides.

Customers expect deliveries faster than ever. Retailers are shrinking their delivery windows and raising financial penalties for missed shipments. Management seek ways to better manage inventory and operate a lean supply chain. These pressures can be easily resolved by using Guaranteed LTL Service at the right time with the right carrier.

When to Use Guaranteed LTL Service

In general, the rule of thumb in using Guaranteed LTL Service:

Avoid Charge Backs: The retailer’s charge back for a missed delivery window exceeds the cost of Guaranteed LTL Service. These penalties have risen sharply compared to carriers’ upcharges for Guaranteed delivery, so it’s often the more cost effective choice.
TIght Inventory Control: You need to manage your inventory more efficiently, or especially during specific times, such as store openings, product roll outs and seasonal events.
Improve Customer Satisfaction: Your customers’ satisfaction depends on a guaranteed on-time arrival. For all businesses, but especially smaller ones, every customer matters and satisfaction is paramount. Regardless of why your customer might need a time-specific delivery, you have to make sure it is there. You might not get a second chance. After all, there are other companies who will make sure their order arrives on time.
Offshore Shipments: Your shipment is headed overseas and it must be at the port by a certain time or miss the sailing.
Schedule Dependencies: You want more control over delivery times to maximize your or your customers’ shift and production schedules. For example, crews are waiting at the delivery destination who can’t get to work without your shipment, or worse, they’re down until they have your product in hand. These are common scenarios in many industries, but especially retail, construction, airlines, oil & gas and manufacturing.
Want Dedicated Alternatives: Dedicated truck and air service are eating away at your profit margins, so you must find a more cost-effective alternative without sacrificing flexibility and precision of delivery service.

What to Look for in Your Guaranteed LTL Service Carrier

Shipping via Guaranteed Service can cost as much as 35 percent more than Standard Service. The upcharge is justifiable and necessary in situations like those spelled out above. But you can’t deliver on your promises, if your Guaranteed LTL Service carrier doesn’t deliver on their promise.

With your customers’ satisfaction, retailer charge backs and your company’s reputation and profitability on the line, it’s important to know what to look for in your carrier.

Here are five non-negotiables:

Professionalism & Customer Care: The carrier’s team acts as an excellent extension of your own team. More often than not, the carrier’s drivers will interact with your customers. Therefore, you want those drivers to be friendly and helpful. You want drivers who understand that they are representing your company in a distant, but meaningful, way.
Availability: The carrier’s sales representatives are readily available. The nature of Guaranteed LTL Service requires immediate access.
Advanced Technology: The carrier’s online options are advanced and user friendly. Getting a quote, ordering pickup service, shipment tracking and more should be simple and transparent online.
Excellent Track Record: The on-time delivery percentage for the carrier’s Guaranteed LTL Service should be close to 100%. Period.
Multiple Window Options: The carrier offers flexible services, such as multiple Guaranteed delivery options and windows to better match your needs and schedules.

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Guaranteed Peace of Mind

LTL shipment deliveries are more on time than ever before as carriers have stepped up to meeting their customers’ demands, which are driven by their customers’ expectations. But, the stakes of not meeting those demands are too high for most companies, especially smaller businesses, that can’t afford unhappy customers and big charge back penalties.

The added cost of using Guaranteed LTL Service with a carefully selected carrier is well worth it for peace of mind that your goods will be delivered exactly when you promise they will be.