A New Garage Rises in Detroit

New DE Shop Has a “Moving” Opening Day Celebration

Left to Right: Ron Trapp (Dir. Maint., East), Matt Copot (Dir. Maint., West), Jeffery Dillon, Ward Brazier (DE Shop Supervisor), Lee Spicer (DE Parks Clerk), Roberta Miller (DE Grg Data Entry Clerk), Allen Lange, Patrick Samara, Roger Hargrove, Steven Thompson (DE Partsman), Joe Sturtz (VP Maint.), Ken Simons (Parts/Tires Mgr.), Phil Walton (DE Shop Mgr.), Adam Rowe (Facilities Maint. Mgr.), Leslie Duquette (Corp. Fleet Mgr.).

DE Team Members Not Pictured Above: Paul Geisler, James Helton, Ronald Kelley, Robert Kuchcinski, Kenneth Lee, David Morisette, Richard Myers, Thomas Parent, Henry Rice, Keith Sissom, Jeffery Wray.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018 was a busy day at 27411 Wick Road in Romulus, Michigan. It was the grand opening new Detroit garage.

DE employees all pitched in, along with help from the Holland Main Office, in getting everything (boxes and parts) moved to the brand-new garage, set up, and running.

And we all know Michigan winters can be brutal–especially for construction projects. The new garage had a tough start with lots of wet weather and then snow. We broke ground in September 2016. Footings went in just as soon as winter eased. Outside construction occurred as soon as weather permitted. The moving process started Monday afternoon and ended on Saturday, June 30, 2018.

The new garage sits on 35 acres toward the back of the Wick Road property.

And the benefits?

  • Location, location, location!
  • Natural air flow, east to west
  • Wooded area, big tall shade trees nearby
  • 8-9,000 square feet larger
  • More open–more space
  • Garage sits up higher, better elevation and drainage
  • Larger area to pull in means better workflow
  • Room for more garage employees (mechanics/parts people/data entry)
  • More repairs can be made
  • Room for more equipment
  • Safety improvements
  • Improved morale

Joe Sturtz, Holland Vice President of Maintenance, spoke of all of the many benefits brought about by the new garage. This more expansive garage will deliver safety benefits and eliminate the old traffic bottlenecks. Joe also expressed his pride in the new garage and its exciting potential opportunities.

He then thanked Phil Walton, our Detroit Shop Manager, who has been with the company for over 44-years and Phil’s team of 19 who, together, represent 215 total service years.

Our new DE Garage…