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Tracking Tutorial

Track by Number or Location

You have two options for tracking your Holland and Reddaway shipments online:

  • reference numbers
  • locations

Track by Reference Number
  1. If you choose to track your shipments using reference numbers, select the type of number by which you want to track:
    • PRO
    • Bill of Lading
    • Purchase Order number.
  2. Enter 20 or fewer reference numbers, one per line.
  3. Click Track It in the top section; your results will appear on a new page.

Track by Location

If you do not have a reference number for your shipment, track your shipment by location instead.

  1. Check the location(s) in the box under Choose Locations. If you wish to use a location that differs from the location showing in this section, click Choose Locations to select another location associated with your profile.
  2. Select a tracking status, then the role the location plays in the shipment.
  3. Click Track It in the bottom section; your detailed tracking results will appear on a new page.

How to Read and Use Tracking Results

  • Click New Search to return to the initial tracking page to refine your search.
  • If you have more than one page of results, links to the other pages will appear at the top and bottom of your results table.
  • Click a PRO number to obtain even greater detail about your shipment, including origin and destination service center contact information and service type.
    • When you have finished reviewing your tracking details, click Back to Results or New Search at the top or bottom of the page.
    • Click the links in the Tracking Details section for more information about our service centers and services.
    • If shipping documents are available online, they will be listed in the Shipment Documents section. Click a document to view it.
    • The Shipment Details section provides details about your shipment and charges.
  • Click a service center name to see the contact information for the origin and/or destination service centers.
  • Click Email Results to have your tracking results information sent to one or more recipients.

Email Results

Email Request

  1. Click the Email Results button on the tracking results page to access this email page. Enter email addresses for 20 or fewer report recipients (one email address on each line).
  2. Choose a file format.
  3. Click Email file; we'll confirm the tracking information you requested and send it in the requested format to the designated email addresses within one business day.

Email Confirmation

  • The PRO numbers for which you requested tracking results appear for your reference. Click a PRO number to review tracking details.
  • The tracking results you requested will be emailed to the address(es) listed here.
  • Click New Search to request tracking information for additional PROs or locations.