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Rate Quote Tutorial

Get Quote

  • You must indicate your role for the shipment:
    • Shipper: request a quote outbound from your location.
    • Consignee: request a quote inbound to your location.
    • Third-party billed: request a quote billed to your location
    Note: What you see on this screen will change, depending on the role you have chosen.
  • If your location is different from the location showing as the default, click Choose Location to select another location associated with your profile.
  • Click Get rate to view Quote Details.
  • Click Choose added services to select additional Shipment options, Delivery options and/or other services.

Choose Added Services

  • Click Explain Services to read service descriptions for the items listed.
  • You need not choose added services to get a quote for your shipment; however, fees for services that you select will show on your rate quote. Click Get rate to view your quote details.

View Details

  • Click Printable Version to print your quote details.
  • Buttons give you options for your next steps:
    • View saved rate quotes to go to the saved rate quote search screen
    • Select a service, then click Schedule a pickup or Create a BOL to transfer your quote information to a pickup request or bill of lading.
    • Get a quote takes you back to the initial Rate Quote request screen.
  • Click the blue, underlined text, such as a city or service type, to obtain more information.
  • If you need to ship within a multi-hour or -day window, click a link in the Delivery Days column to enter your dates and/or times.
  • Click Request info to send an email to our customer service team to request a different delivery service or faster transit.

Window Delivery Options

If you desire a window delivery, you'll need to select the window service you want to use, then indicate your date window or your date and time window. Below are instructions for setting a date and time window.

  1. Type a start date into the date field or select it from the calendar.
    • Start dates must be on or after the standard service date (refer to Delivery Days in your Delivery Options table), but can be no more than 3 business days after the standard service date.
    • Start and end dates cannot be on a weekend or holiday.
    • Your date window may not exceed 99 calendar days.
  2. Type an end date into the date field or select it from the calendar. After you enter the End date, time fields will appear.
  3. Type a start time into the field or select it from the drop-down menu.
    • Choose your start time first to see the available end times for your date and lanes.
    • Start and end times must be on the hour or half hour (for example, 1:00 p.m. or 1:30 p.m.), and your time window must be in full-hour increments (for example, 1:30 p.m. start- and 2:30 p.m. end-window times).
  4. Type an end time into the field or select it from the drop-down menu.
  5. Click Save and continue; you will return to the Transit Time results page.
  6. Your Window Delivery selections appear in the Delivery Options table. To change your selections, click Edit at the end of the time/date window information, then update your selections as needed.
  7. Use the buttons at the top of the tool to perform your next action.

View Saved Quotes

  1. Click View saved rate quotes; the search screen appears containing your default location.
  2. Click Choose Locations to select locations different from the default that appears in the window. You may choose more than one location at a time.
  3. You may search by Origin and/or Destination ZIP/Postal codes. Then, select a time frame; options range from one week to three months.
  4. Click Go or View All:
    • If you click Go, a page appears, listing the first five quotes that match your selection criteria. Click next page and/or previous page to navigate among the quote results.
    • If you click View All, all the quotes matching your selection criteria display.
  5. Click a city in the Origin or Destination columns to see service center details.
  6. Click a radio button in the row of the quote whose details you want to view, then click Display; your quote appears.
  7. An additional button at the top of the quote details page gives you the option of returning to your Search results.