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Bill of Lading (BOL) Tutorial

Create BOL

  1. You may use one of four methods to begin creating your BOL. You must select one method to proceed. Depending on what you select, your next step will differ.
    • If you choose to start from scratch, you must indicate your role in the shipment.
      Note: If you want a company name other than your own to appear on the Bill of Lading, please select Blind Shipper as your role.
    • If you have created templates, you can save time by choosing this option and selecting a template from the drop-down menu.
    • If you create a BOL from a recent pickup request, you must choose the pickup request you want to use, then we will transfer some information from the request into your BOL.
    • If you have draft BOLs, you will also see an option to select a draft BOL to complete.
      Note: If you have not scheduled a pickup or have not saved any drafts or templates, these options will not be available.
  • Choose to create either a standard or a VICS BOL.
  • You may create BOLs for other carriers using our bill of lading tool. You must indicate whether the BOL you're creating is for a shipment with our company or another company. If you include the other company's name or code, we will put it on your BOL.
    Note: If you create a BOL for a shipment with another carrier, you must call to schedule your pickup with that carrier.

    Click Create BOL when you've completed your selections in the Create Bill of Lading section to proceed to the next step.
  1. You must complete all required information in Step 1 of BOL Creation before proceeding to Step 2.
    1. Be sure to indicate your pickup date.
    2. Save time by clicking this box to schedule your pickup when you submit your BOL, then complete the pickup details.
      Important: Your shipment must be ready two hours before your dock closing time.
    3. If you need a location different from the default listed on your BOL, click Choose Location to select another location associated with your profile. This option will appear in any section of the BOL where your default profile address is listed.
    4. If you set your role in the shipment as consignee or if you are using a template or draft BOL or creating a BOL from a pickup request, much of the information on your BOL may already be completed. If not, you can select an address from the drop-down menu or complete the required information in the section.
    5. Enter complete information in one of the fields of the section, then click Search to populate the section with an address saved in your Bill of Lading Address Book. If more than one address matches the criteria you entered, click the Select Address drop-down, then choose the entry you want to use. Click Clear all to clear the fields and begin again.
    6. If you entered information in the fields that you would like to use again, click Add to Address Book; the information will be available for immediate use.
    7. Third party information is not required; however, if you set your role in the shipment as third party or third party information is included in a template or draft you are using, then you may have information populated in this section.
    8. When you have completed all required fields, click Go to step 2 at the top or bottom of the page to proceed.
  2. In step 2, you can complete as much or as little information as you like, then Save a draft of your BOL or proceed to Preview BOL for other options, such as submitting your BOL and printing it and your shipping labels.
    1. Indicate whether your charges are prepaid or collect.
    2. All fields are optional.
      • If you prefer to specify your own pro number using a block of pros or pro label stickers, enter the pro number. If you submit your BOL without entering a Pro number, we will automatically assign a Pro.
      • If you wish to enter a BOL number to print on your form, type it into the BOL number field. We do not automatically assign a BOL number.
    3. You can submit up to 20 different PO numbers. Indicate the number of PO Numbers you are using.
    4. Click a box or boxes in the left-most column of a PO detail row, then click Remove PO Detail to delete PO row(s).
    5. You must select a Delivery option before submitting your BOL. Click the name of the service type to learn about it.
    6. You must complete the details for at least one product to submit your BOL, but you may provide details for 10 or fewer products. Select a number from the drop-down list to add multiple products to your BOL; an equal number of product lines will appear in the table below.
    7. You must complete information in the columns with asterisks by the headings. If your shipment contains hazardous materials, you must check the box in the Hazardous column, then complete the fields marked with asterisks and provide a 24-hour emergency contact number. To enter a U.N.#/N.A.# in Hazardous options, select UN or NA from the U.N.#/N.A.# drop-down menu, then enter the numeric portion in the text field after the drop-down menu. The other fields in the hazardous section are optional.
      Note: The hazardous contact name and contract number provide additional contact information in conjunction with the 24-hour emergency contact telephone number.
    8. Click a box or boxes in the left-most column of a product row, then click Remove product row to delete product row(s).
    9. Shipment Details fields are optional; however, if you complete them, they will be printed on your BOL.
    10. Added Services: Additional services are optional; however, if you have hazardous materials in your shipment, the Hazardous button will be checked under Shipping Options. Additional charges may apply for services you select in this section.
    11. If your company has arranged for other options to be associated with your account, they will appear in this column.
    12. This section is optional. Click + to expand the section and complete the fields. Click minus to close the section.
    13. At the top or bottom of the page, click Save Draft to save your BOL for future completion or click Preview BOL to review the information you have entered to ensure that it is accurate, then proceed with your BOL

Preview Your BOL

  1. On the Preview page, buttons at the top and bottom allow you to:
    • View/Print shipping labels:
      1. Select the number and type of labels and indicate the position at which you want the labels to begin printing.
      2. Choose the number and types of packaging labels if any.
      3. Click View/Print labels; a PDF with your labels appears on your screen. The first label should appear in the position you indicated on the previous screen. Make sure labels are loaded in your printer, then click the print button on the PDF reader.
      4. Click Preview BOL to return to the BOL Preview screen.
    • Save your BOL as a template:
      1. Give your BOL a unique, memorable name.
      2. Click Save BOL—or Cancel if you change your mind.
      3. After you click Save, a confirmation page appears to let you know your save was successful. Click Preview BOL to return to the Submitted BOLs Preview page with your newly saved Template on it or Create BOL to start over. Use BOL Management to view, edit and/or delete templates.
  2. The BOL Details section has two buttons:
    • View/Print BOL
      1. Click the BOL type you want to print.
      2. Click View/Print BOL; a PDF of your BOL appears on your screen; click the printer button on the PDF reader.
    • Email a Copy
      1. Click the BOL type you want to print, then click Email a copy; a screen to enter email addresses will appear.
      2. Ensure the box is checked if you want to email the BOL to the default recipient.
      3. Enter additional emails if any.
      4. Click Email BOL to send your BOL to the address(es) indicated or click Cancel if you change your mind.
      5. After you click Email BOL, a confirmation page appears to let you know your BOL was successfully emailed. Click Preview BOL to return to the Preview page with your BOL on it, Create BOL to start over or Schedule Pickup to go to the Pickup tool.