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Holland Named 2013 LTL Carrier of the Year by Parker Hannifin

Our valued customers at Parker Hannifin named Holland the winner of their 2013 LTL Carrier of the Year Award. In their own words, Parker Hannifin extended the honor "in recognition of Holland's commitment to operational excellence and continuous improvement."

Holland was selected after extensive evaluation by Parker Hannifin professionals across a variety of objective and subjective performance measures, such as number of claims and billing accuracy, along with the results of a customer service survey taken by representatives from all 250 of Parker Hannifin's North American shipping locations.

There to accept the award on behalf of Holland were Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Jim Ferguson, and Regional Corporate Account Executive, Keith Berlan.

"Receiving this award is a great honor. We are very thankful to Parker Hannifin for this recognition and continued partnership," said Jim Ferguson. "We are also thankful to the many Holland employees who maintain our excellent service levels."

This award is the eighth such service excellence award that Holland has won so far this year, in addition to three Quest for Quality Awards from Logistics Management magazine.

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