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Holland Keeps Roads Safer with Mobileye

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has shared that the increasing volume of traffic on our streets and highways (as well as the increasing number of distracted drivers) has resulted in a higher frequency of accidents for every mile driven.

2015 saw a rise in deaths, injuries, and traffic accident-related costs. In fact, as of August, data showed that 2015 was on track to be the deadliest year on our nation's roads since 2007. The year's overall statistics will soon be available but regardless of the final numbers--it is clear that our roads are still a perilous place for drivers.

These statistics plainly convey the necessity of finding solutions to the increasing challenges on the road every day.

Holland is working to keep our roads safer by investing in the latest in-cab technology to help combat some of those challenges, with Mobileye--an innovative vision-sensing technology installed in new Holland tractors.

With Mobileye, Holland professionals combine their extensive experience and training with cutting-edge technology to ensure the highest standards of safety.

What is Mobileye? Mobileye is an audible collision avoidance solution that uses innovative vision-sensing technology to constantly perform these three crucial tasks:

  • Observe perpetually changing road conditions
  • Interpret potential dangers
  • Alert drivers to initiate action in time to avoid a harmful collision

Mobileye collision avoidance technology “thinks ahead” and warns drivers of potential hazards before they can occur so the driver is provided with ample time to react.

Mobileye’s vision-based collision avoidance system assists seasoned drivers as well as new drivers in keeping an “extra eye” on the road. It assists in correctly estimating vehicle positions in the lanes ahead as well as lane boundaries of various types.

Holland is committed to being the safest and most reliable next-day carrier in our region. Safety is Number One at Holland. We bring solutions to combat challenges with our safety training and awareness efforts, investments in the latest safety technologies and continued commitment to safety every day.

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