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Fight the Freeze

Nothing puts a chill on a supply chain like damaged goods. With temperatures still well below freezing in our region, it is important to ensure that your cold-sensitive cargo doesn’t get frostbit.

For paints, adhesives, inks and other fluids, you can ship with confidence knowing your shipment will arrive safely and undamaged by cold temperatures.

With Holland Freeze Protection, your shipments remain at 32˚F (0˚C) or greater from pickup to delivery, safeguarding product integrity and keeping your supply chain moving.

Reliability and Expertise Mean your Shipment is Wrapped in Protection:
Holland has over 50 years of expertise in protecting temperature-sensitive products. All that experience results in confidence you can count on, no matter the weather. We employ thousands of technically engineered, eco-friendly CargoQuilt® covers to protect your cargo from the cold. These multi-layered, insulated covers work much like a thermos and can maintain initial freight temperatures for up to 30 days.

More Next-Day Service:
We offer Freeze Protection pickups five times a week--more than any of our competitors--giving you greater flexibility and control. No more holding your Friday shipment for a Monday pickup. We can be there every business day to pickup your freight and get it there sooner.

Reducing the Likelihood of Freezing:
We have more next-day lanes in our service area than our closest LTL competitor and more two-day lanes than most. That means your cargo spends less time on the road among the elements.

Together, our time-tested operational processes and network speed assure your shipments arrive intact. Our Freeze Protection service currently maintains a 99.9% damage-free delivery rate.   Now that’s reliability!

Keep Tabs on Service with Timely Service Alerts:
Our email service alerts let you know when a problem is occurring on our highways as well as extreme weather and the possible impact on service.

Simple to Select:
There are no complicated forms or processes. Just write “Freeze Protection” on your bill of lading, then go to hollandregional.com or call 866-465-5263 to book your shipment today!

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