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Every day in every one of our terminals and offices over 8,000 Holland employees make it happen for our customers by going above and beyond – making sure deliveries arrive safely, on time and damage-free.

We’d like to hear from you too. Share your stories about the Holland team members who have made a positive impact!

Here's what a few of our customers and employees had to say...

Pam Melton
Customer Service

Any time there are any concerns Pamela will drop what she is doing to help. She is ALWAYS happy and courteous and willing to help. She is one of the most knowledgeable people I deal with. She is just always so pleasant. If only all carriers had employees like her, this would be the easiest business to run. We thank her for always doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Ryan Desrosiers
Account Executive
Ryan has came to the plant to visit several times. He is always willing to help. I have had several concerns over the last year or so where I needed some help. He responds very quickly and is always helpful in solving my issues.
Bobbie Rossiter
Customer Service
I am not the ideal customer, not by a long shot. I schedule trucks, cancel them and re-instate them all within 20 minutes. I constantly ask myself, "Should I call the 1-800 number instead of bothering Bobbie?" Clearly their email signature should say "Dollar General Support." But once you are used to excellent service, you hate to leave in fear the next representative might be less than great. The company I work for ships parts, molds, fixtures, paint and anything else you need to make a car...so we have quite a few contracts with carriers. Holland is not the cheapest, but I choose to use Holland for all of our non-expedited Chrysler shipments because Bobbie has always been super fast, super helpful, super accommodating and super nice!
Kim Meeter
Account Executive
Kim has always been our go-to person. She has time and time again gone above and beyond to help us. Some shipments in the past have arrived late. She always sees it through until the end. We have always appreciated her willingness to go the extra mile and help us out.
Terry Daley
Local Driver
Terry is always great to work with and is always very helpful and very pleasant.
Christina Tripp
Account Executive
We have the BEST Account Executive. I have been with Terminal Supply Company myself for 33 years, and by far our service is TOP NOTCH. Chris is always available to problem-solve any situation put in front of her. Her level of service to details is second-to-none. Thank You!
Sharon Williams
Account Executive
I have known Sharon for seven years spanning two different jobs. She is sweet, compassionate, ready to help and follows up on every request. Her perfection is why I brought her to my current job. Holland is a great company--but having her makes it even better!!!
Dave Anderson
Account Executive
I don't really have a "story" but I will say I have worked with Dave for over 15 years off/on. He displays professionalism, integrity and exceptional customer service skills. He has always provided prompt service and/or answers when needed. Because of Dave and his knowledge of the industry and of Holland, I recommend USF Holland to many of my customers and associates. Dave is a great representative of Holland and always a pleasure to deal with.
Jeff Ernst
Local Driver
When I received this email from Holland, my first thought was "I don't have time for this" so I deleted it, but then I was thinking about a driver that has been servicing us for years. He always has time for me and goes out of his way to give me the best service of all my LTL carriers. He always has a positive attitude. He always greets everyone he comes in contact with at Modine with the utmost respect and always with a smile. One of the quotes I have heard him say to me many times is "Hang in there--when times are tough they can only get better." I find myself saying if I ever start my own company, Jeff would be one of the few people you come across in life's journey that I would hire as an employee. Thanks Jeff for making our jobs easier for the way you do yours. Best Regards.
Carol Ackerman
Account Executive
Carol has been our account executive for many, many years. We are always happy to see her. She has always "walked the extra mile" to make sure our shipments travel smoothly. Your drivers are always very helpful. Thank you.
Kathy Yasick
Account Executive
I have worked with Kathy a number of years--even before she was with Holland. It is because of the relationship she has built with me that I trusted her and Holland to take on most of the shipments I had been using other carriers for. Kathy has always assisted with any issues I have had. I know she will help resolve them. She is a good person whom I not only trust but respect for her knowledge in Logistics. She goes out of her way to remind me of end-of-month shipments--how to make sure they get delivered on time to meet my expectations. Everyone should have a Kathy Yasick in their lives!
Billy Lomax
Terminal Manager
I have worked with Billy and his team for over eight years now. I can say they have developed an absolute level of trust and confidence for me in having them always react to the dynamic and fluid environment that my company challenges us with. If I have a quick shot project, they get me drop trailers. If I need pulls on weekends, they arrange it for me. If I need Billy to come look at how product is loading out on the trailers to look for improvements, he is there. Their on-time delivery is exceptional out of this terminal for my facility. It is an absolute pleasure to deal with Billy and his team who are fully committed to the best service possible for their customers.
Cliff Swope
Account Executive
One time we had some freight that came in damaged. I called Cliff because I didn't know what to do. Cliff asked for the PRO number, and showed me how to fill out the damaged freight report. Cliff has been a real asset for our company over the years. He always keeps in contact with me to make sure our freight is going out on time with no issues. Thanks Cliff for being a huge part of us at Edgewater Automation.
Rhonda Poneleit
Rhonda, I would have to say, is the best customer service agent I've ever had the pleasure to partner with. If it weren't for all she does (and trust me, it's above and beyond the call of duty), I would be a lot more stressed as well as over-worked. She does our consolidation each and every day on a full truckload that comes into Canada. She works the consolidation on Parker's behalf and has made the process almost seamless. Her efforts are seamless but when freight is lost and cannot be found, she usually finds it one way or another...how I do not know, but she does it, and we are all thankful to her for her timely actions to Parker's needs. I can truly say that if it weren't for Rhonda, we would not have the consolidation process as good as it is. She is fantastic at her job. If she ever left USF to go to another carrier, I would have to follow suit, as I truly don't know what I would do without her. She is that important to the process. (I know she would never leave so I can say that.) There are countless times that I have thanked her verbally and visited her in person at the Romulus hub. I can say we are more than business partners as we have worked together for 13 years now. USF is truly lucky to have such a special person working for them as she does her job and does it extremely well. Again, I will say that I honestly don't know what I would do without her help with our Parker consolidation and all the issues that come about. She also does reports and Excel programs and monitoring for us for our on time service. She actually cares not only about Parker as a customer--but Parker's customers. She is so dedicated on ensuring our goods are on time and shipped out properly. If I had a trophy for best customer service agent, it would be handed to Rhonda on the red carpet. She really deserves the recognition of being the "best of the best." That is my story on Rhonda and every word is sincere and true from the bottom of my heart.
David Sobottke
I wanted to recognize the driver who delivered our generator to our residence. The driver was on time and the product packaging was in good condition. The driver was professional, friendly and helpful while completing the delivery with my husband. I also want to recognize the office staff at Holland--pleasant and informed. The weight of the shipment reflected 550lbs, so we all worked together on what were the best options to make this a successful delivery and not leave the unit stranded in the roadway. I appreciate the team going the extra mile--customers appreciate the people who care and smile through their work. Before Holland would not have stood out to me, the employees believe and live their CORE values. Thank you.
Linda Stafford
Customer Service
There's not been a time that Linda hasn't been kind and pleasant to work with. She's always willing to help and quick to respond. You've got a great employee.
Lynn Schupp
Customer Service
I was introduced to Lynn in early 2017 when assistance was needed on quoting an over-sized shipment. There was no lag time in her response. Ever since then, she has been my "go-to" for assistance in booking or any hub issues. She handles every exchange with a level of professionalism that should be the standard set in the USFH organization.
Mike Eisenhauer
Local Driver
We're a small specialty coatings manufacturing company. Our customers rely on our ability to ship last minute and rush orders on a regular basis. Mike has always been very patient and accommodating. Many times, he's waited for us to fill and package a batch or gone to make another pick up and come back to give us time to get something ready to ship. We certainly appreciate what he's done to help us be successful. Thanks, Mike.
Roxanne Adkins
Roxanne has helped me out a lot over the past several years I have worked at Tower. She responds quickly and always follows through. I appreciate all her time and effort in solving my issues quickly.
Pam Maskel
Customer Service
Our company has been using USF Holland for years. You are rated as our #1 carrier. Our only complaint is that you do not service the entire United States! Pam Maskel and Patty Gaffney have been my "go-to-girls" at USF Holland for the last seven years. Both of these women are FULL of knowledge and stop whatever they are doing to help me, if I should have a question. That does not mean Virginia, Mackenzie, Chad and other team members aren't as helpful. This just means that Pam and Patty usually answer the phone when I call in my trucks daily. Your entire team has hard-working, dedicated folks who are an absolute pleasure to work with. I say, "Give them all appreciation (with pay)!" :)
Wendi Rogers
Account Executive
Wendi will always go above and beyond to help us out with getting a better discount to earn more business. She always has a smiling face and is wonderful to talk to. I really appreciate having her as a representative at your company.
Tom Bagby
Account Executive
I have not been in my current position that long, but I have a lot of my own sales experience from past employment. In the short time I have known Tom Bagby I can say he is the nicest sales rep I have ever met. He always goes above and beyond for us. He brought me a new moving pen the other day. Another employee saw it--was "jealous" that I got one and she didn't--as she books most of our shipments with Holland. I emailed Tom asking if we could get another pen and sure enough the next time the Holland driver was here to pick up shipments (I believe the next day), he sent one with the driver to give to my fellow employee. Now this was all in fun, as she really wasn't jealous, but it was so kind of Tom to take the time to send that extra pen, just to make her day! He truly is a first-class guy and deserves all the recognition in the world!!!
Janice Bosch
Customer Service
I have worked with Janice for very many years. She has always been very helpful to me whenever I call or email. I can be somewhat impatient and demanding, but Janice always does everything she can do and goes out of her way to make sure I am taken care of. She always has a professional approach but is also friendly. In my extremely busy world I certainly appreciate her attitude and personality.
Frank Harley
Account Executive
I really appreciate working with Frank. He is always upbeat and easy going but still completely professional. I like the way he deals with problems head-on and with honesty and integrity. I feel that I can be upfront with him and that he will be straight with me. It is great to be able to hand a problem off to him and know that it will be taken care of without me having to chase back around and check on things. Frank is one of the reasons I truly enjoy the relationship our companies have.
Terece Miller
Customer Service
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate Terece Miller at the Charlotte terminal. Though I've never met her face-to-face, I've been scheduling her appointments for many, many years. She's always pleasant when she calls in for appointments and has a great personality. I've never heard her complain about anything job-related. I've had nothing but positive experiences each time she's called me, and when I've had to call her. Once I had to question a purchase order coming in, and she was right on top of what I was looking for. You don't get that with some other carriers. In today's world some are too quick to pass you to someone else when all it takes is just a little effort to assist. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the professionalism and positive attitude of Terece!!
Patrick Williams
Local Driver
Pat goes above and beyond. He always enters with a smile on his face and is very respectable to all employees. He works with our forklift drivers and is very easy going. Our employees have some drivers that they don't care to see pulling in, but Pat isn't one of them. He should be considered as a valuable team member for Holland.
Tom Mannisi
Local Driver
It is always a joy to see Tom when he comes to pick up or deliver our loads. All of us here at Manor Chemical are glad to see him. We really can't say enough about Tom's wonderful demeanor. He is always ready to brighten our day with his polite, upbeat and friendly attitude. The guys on the dock look forward to seeing him as well. They say he is very knowledgeable and knows exactly what to do whether he is picking up our heavy load or making a delivery. We give him an 11 out of 10. :):):)
Ralph Hogston
Local Driver
I don't really have a story but more of a "Thank You." Ralph is a very nice guy and always has a positive attitude. Your people are all great at their jobs and make our jobs here at Blue Chip easier. Thanks for all you do for us.
Dan Heldt
Account Executive
I really don't have a particular headline-catching story nor can I narrow this down to just one person. The combination of my Account Executive Dan Heldt and our local driver Max Moseby makes for an awesome combination. When I first met Dan I made it clear that I needed someone who was going to be there for me when things don't go according to plan. I can say without hesitation that Dan has exceeded my expectations. Whether it was an expedited shipment that was loaded to the wrong terminal, or a shipment delivered to the wrong consignee, Dan has always been there behind the scenes getting these issues resolved in a timely manner. I don't know what I would do without him. As for Max, I have years of experience working with him on a daily basis when I managed our Shipping Dept. There was absolutely no other driver that I enjoyed working with more. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to take care of our needs whenever asked. If he can't take care of it personally, he will make sure someone does. He is an exceptional person besides his strong desire to take care of his customers. He makes working with USF Holland easy. Again, Dan and Max exhibit superior customer service. They complement each other well and both are big reasons Versteel has been a loyal USF Holland customer for many years. You are lucky to have them as employees.
Randy Cook
Local Driver
Randy has to be the most polite truck driver ever seen by mankind! He is always caring and careful to do the right thing for all customers. Just last week he was on my dock and did not have a safety vest on (which is not required for your drivers), but he caught the eye of my safety manager who was passing by, and she came in and asked me about him. I told her she should talk to him herself full knowing that the response would be positive. She then came back in my office and proceeded to tell me that "he was most polite truck driver I have ever met." I just laughed and said I know :) I really can't make stories like these up!
Terra White
Account Executive
Terra has been the outside representative for the J-Town Bluegrass Industrial park area for years now. We first met several years back when I was with a different company. I have worked with three companies in the park. She has always provided exceptional service to all of them, which is why I seek her and Holland out whenever I make a move. She is always working to satisfy our needs and expectations. She appreciates her customers and knows her stuff! She walks in the door when I am stressed and my first thought is "Oh...I don't have time to talk!" but then my second thought is "It's Terra! You will have a great time talking with her, and it counts as work! Yes!" She always makes my day a little less stressful when she stops in. Wonderful employee and wonderful person!
Willie Shropshire
Local Driver
I would like to submit Willie Shropshire's name for Employee Appreciation. When arriving at our facility he always greets us with a smile that's contagious. He's always friendly and very patient with us. Never a frown on his face. We look forward to him coming to our facility to pick up shipments. So glad Holland has him as a driver :-)
Terra White
Account Executive
Terra has gone above and beyond from the very moment we started using USF Holland. Due to her service I have only used Holland for all my freight shipments.
Ron Seale
Local Driver
Ron is always pleasant and helpful, and takes any and all steps required to assure our freight is handled professionally. He is a pleasure to work with and makes Holland a preferred carrier for our company.
Cherie Dittman
Account Executive
Cherie became the account rep for DSM when our frozen storage moved to another region, mid 2016. Immediately, she collaborated with me on protocols needed at the warehouse. This was key for both teams, helping to drive for efficiency at the warehouse and for the drivers. From there, our sales/customer relationship became one I truly value. Any concerns I need to bring to Cherie are handled expediently. The goal is always to find and correct root cause, making this a true partnership.
Tamera Phillips
Customer Service
All of us at Ace love Tamera! She is always on top of our account and gets answers for us quickly! She is very personable and makes you feel that she really cares about your freight! She is the good friend we have never met! :)
Lynn Lipczynski
Account Executive
Even while laid up with an injured foot, Lynn worked on rates and setting up pickups as well as deliveries for me. She is a wonderful representative of your company and its capabilities. Whenever I meet with her, she is smiling ear-to-ear. She responds with accuracy and speed whenever I ask for her assistance. You can be assured I am doing business with your company based on the relationship we have with your very valuable employee.
Dave Anderson
Account Executive
First of all, Holland gets all of my LTL Freight. We do not use your services every day, but I get treated like I am customer #1. Everyone I have ever had dealings with from Holland has been first-class, so a little "Thank You" to all of you. I have had the pleasure of working with Dave Anderson for a few years now. Every experience has been professional and uneventful. Once again, thanks to all involved. I will send everyone your way that I can.
Lee Abner
Local Driver
Lee deserves to be recognized in this initiative! Every afternoon Lee arrives with a smile and positive attitude, and gets his job done swiftly and efficiently. Our team looks forward to his daily visit, it really does lift their day. He's also much more helpful than other drivers, getting right to work assisting our guys in loading his truck. And most importantly for our company, he's very careful with our freight...he cares about it as much as we do and takes into account when loading how to best protect it for the ride. Lee is the ultimate professional!
Steve Conger
Local Driver
We use numerous different LTL carriers per customer contracts, but we always want to choose Holland when we are able. Steve is always friendly and consistently on time. He is flexible with pickup times when we need it.
Pat Ford
Local Driver
Pat Ford is one unique guy. He goes well beyond the call of duty! He always comes into our facility with one heck of a smile and an excellent attitude. If he feels he may miss our pickup, he does not hesitate to call me to let me know where he is. In return, I have no issues with waiting past our ship time. Pat, keep up the excellent work you do. We appreciate you well beyond measure!
Jason Shaw
Local Driver
Jason is quite the character! He is one happy guy! He has such a good attitude and will definitely call if he is running late. The smile and laughs just make our day. We really appreciate Jason and all of his hard work. Keep up the good work you do Jason. We appreciate you!
Stuart Haley
Local Driver
Stewart possesses one of the strongest work ethics that I have ever witnessed. One of our vendors sent a BOL with incorrect information that caused neither of us to recognize the shipment. The BOL kept coming to him each day and each day he would stop, back into the dock, and we would go through it again. This happened three times before we all got our heads together and figured out the mistake, and he never complained, never once!! He exhibits exactly what we as companies want to exhibit to our customers, and that is true care and concern for them both as customers and people. Here's your WINNER!!!!!
Joe Hallman
Local Driver
Hello, i just wanted to tell you about your driver--Joe has a heart of gold. He would help anyone and everyone. He is a very patient man. He has a passion for the Royals, and we like to talk a bit about the good that them boys in blue do. Most drivers don't say more than "Hi, I'm with Holland for a pickup." but Joe makes sure your day is going well. He is, for sure, one of my favorite drivers. I deal with all the different drivers that come to Coleman daily. He always brightens our day with a kind word and a smile. I wish more drivers could be more like him. Thank you for your time.
Rachel Earhart
Customer Service
Every time I call or email in she is always just so nice and always willing to stop what she is doing and help get things understood or find out the reason for what is going on! Always friendly, always positive, always doing her best for the USF Holland customers!! Wonderful Employee!!
Laura Ebeling
Customer Service Driver
Laura has been such a great helper when I have questions regarding a shipment or need help in understanding billing or all around help just getting the freight found if it's lost. She has a positive personality and is always willing to help out in any way possible! Another Great USF Holland Employee!!
Karl Kinneer
Local Driver
Karl Kinneer has gone above and beyond for the Bemis Company on several occassions. Once, when a new Holland driver came to Bemis, Karl stayed after his own truck was loaded to make sure the new driver followed instructions properly and got his paperwork filled out. It was a great help to us. Other times, Karl has helped by contacting his dispatcher to get trucks in here when we have gone over our LTL limit for a trailer. There have been a few times when Karl has even brought pizza or other treats for the women in the office, because he could tell they were having a bad day or really swamped with work. Everyone at Bemis just loves him and wishes all drivers could be as nice and thoughtful. Karl Kinneer is a great guy. We always want him to know how much we appreciate him.
Pat Smith
Local Driver
You know, I'm sure there are lots of stories coming in about drivers and customer service reps that talk about the one "big" thing that saved the day or saved a shipment...but I want to talk about every day, every single day...Pat comes into our building both to deliver and pick up. He's always got a smile on his face. He knows EVERYONE by name...he's always calm. I think that is the biggest key--his calmness. We're scurrying around like ants on steam rollers every evening (especially end of month) and when Pat walks in the door everyone sort of just takes a breath and relaxes. He's never impatient, never snaps and never rolls his eyes when we tell him it's going to be a minute. He finds our errors and waits for us to fix them, smiling and talking with the other shippers while it's getting done. He's never played the Super Hero and fixed that one big problem...he quietly plays Dad every day and makes all of us feel a little better, a little less stressful and able to go on.
Brenda Osburn
Brenda is consistently helpful in tracking lost packages and deliveries (we have been having problems with items cross-docking in Toledo from our vendor in Crossville, TN). She is always willing to check for delivery status when we are anxious to receive our daily shipment. Brenda is kind, helpful and quick to respond with an assurance that I am "never bothering" her. Thanks!
Pat Williams
Local Driver
Pat is our Holland driver. I have to say we all love him! From the Shipping Department to the Front Office, we all know his name and his smiling face. He is always willing to help us in any way he can. He is such a great guy and would do anything he could for anyone around him. He is such a pleasure to deal with on a weekly basis. I no longer get to see him every week like I did when I worked in the Shipping Department, but when I do, I always get the same warm welcome from him.
Barry Moore
Senior Account Executive
I don't have much of a story but just wanted you to know how Barry goes above and beyond to make sure that everything is done correctly. He is very customer oriented and any time I have ever had an issue, which is rare, he has done whatever needs to be done to make it right. He is truly an asset to your company and awesome to work with. So thanks Barry for all your hard work!!
Bill Zirkle
Local Driver
Bill is a great representative of your company. He delivers and picks up daily at our facility, and has established a good rapport with our dock team. Bill has always been very professional and is always willing to do what it takes to help our dock team be successful in getting our freight unloaded as quick and as easy as possible. I feel that he is a true reflection of Holland Trucking and your passion to meet the customers' expectations.
Donald Steele
Operations Supervisor
I can't say enough about Donnie and all the hard work he does to make sure GM is well taken care of. With all the rules and regulations GM has in place for drivers and trucks, Don is on top of our loads each and every day to ensure our freight is locked, loaded and headed to its end destination. His customer service skills are impeccable! He is professional, kind, funny and compassionate about his job. We appreciate all he does to make sure the drivers are ready and know exactly what is needed of them. You're an asset to your company Don, and I appreciate all you do. It's always with a smile!
Darrell Costantini
City Driver
I wanted to let you know that Darrell Costantini is an excellent Holland representative. He has always provided me with quality and reliable service. In my opinion, he is your best driver. I have the utmost respect for what he does.